Choose NSW Digital ID

Your privacy, your security, your control, and driven by your choice.

Everything you need to know about NSW Digital ID

A solution for everyone

A faster, easier way to prove your identity

NSW Digital ID will allow you to prove your identity with government organisations and businesses without having to disclose additional personal information, such as your driver licence or Medicare numbers.

This will take the hassle out of registering and applying for things you need - accessing government services, applying for a licence or grant, opening a new bank account, changing utility providers, enrolling your kids in school and more. 

You are in control

Using NSW Digital ID will be your decision. You will always be in control - it will be your choice what you share, how you share it and who you share it with.

Your details won’t be viewed or shared by government organisations or businesses without your consent, helping to keep your identity and credentials protected from potential misuse.

Private and secure

Digital versions of your important credentials, such as driver licence, birth certificate or working with children check, will be encrypted and sit within a digital wallet on your mobile device.

Removing the hassle of paperwork

You will no longer have the inconvenience of sharing scans and copies of your physical documents and cards when proving your identity. While NSW Digital ID won’t replace the paper versions of your credentials, it will give you an option to digitally share confirmation of who you are.

Greater accessibility

NSW Digital ID will be simple enough for anyone to use. It will provide greater accessibility, particularly for customers with disability, those that are time poor, or live in rural or regional areas. This will put all our customers in control of their digital identity and credentials.

Bringing NSW Digital ID to life

We’ve put in place next generation technologies to create a secure and private digital identity solution that is easy to use.

We look forward to making NSW Digital ID available to the public on successful completion of the pilot.

With the technical foundations in place, we’re piloting a beta version of the NSW Digital ID with small customer groups, giving us time to test how it works, take participant feedback on board and make any enhancements. We’re also developing strong digital identity legislation in NSW to enhance your protection. 


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