Content statistics pictogram block

The statistics pictogram block allows for 1 statistic value to be displayed with an animated pictogram.


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Before using the statistics pictogram block

  • You will need assistance and advice from UX/Design before using this component. 
  • Lottie files must be designed with the Supplementary colour as the Lottie file will not inherit the Supplementary colour.
  • Depending on the purpose of the page, you may want to discuss with UX/Design the use of a non-corporate colour palette.


  • Template: Landing page only.
  • Section: Full width/ thirds/ halves / 1/3 2/3.
  • Add custom block: Content Statistics Pictogram Block.
    • Note: only one statistic can be created per block.
  • Layout:
    • Horizontal (image displays to the left of the statistic and description).
    • Vertical (image displays above the statistic and description).
  • Colour (statistic only): defaults to brand supplementary.
  • Add media is mandatory:  the only media you are able to select for use in this component are Lottie files (.json). 
    • Lottie files must be designed with the Supplementary colour as the Lottie file will not inherit the Supplementary colour.
    • You will need assistance and advice from UX/Design before using this component. 
  • Value (statistic): no character limit. Accepts alpha, numeric and special characters. This field does not animate. 
  • Description (WYSIWYG): displays below the value in both horizontal and vertical options.

Note that in all these examples, the Lottie files are reflecting the State of the Customer supplementary colour while the statistic is picking up the corporate colour palette supplementary colour.


Example #1

Section: Thirds.

Colour: Brand supplementary.


Display vertical.


Display vertical.


Display vertical.

Example #2

Section: 1/3 2/3.

Colour: Brand supplementary.


of people in example project.

Add a WYSIWYG here to complement the statistic 

Add a description below the heading that explains and expands on the statistical icon. You can also add an image if it is relevant to the statistic and page content. 


Futuristic construction image

Example #3

Section: Full width.

Colour: Brand supplementary.


The amount of resources allocated to the example project. 

Example #4

Section: Halves.

Colour: Brand supplementary.



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