Reforming gaming in NSW pubs and clubs

Rows of poker machines in the interior of a room.

The NSW Crime Commission (NSWCC) was tasked by the NSW Government with investigating the nature and extent of money laundering across our state, in particular through gaming machines. Thank you to those who provided a submission to the inquiry. 

The NSW Government's comprehensive response will:

  • support all 8 recommendations of the NSW Crime Commissioner to eliminate money laundering in pubs and clubs
  • introduce mandatory cashless gaming in NSW spanning all venues
  • legislate 31 December 2028 as the date by which the full transition must be complete
  • require that all new machines purchased once the rollout commences be cashless, and that any new cash machine purchased after July 2023 have a load up limit of $500
  • enable player identity verification linked to a single bank account
  • ensure funds for gaming come from a bank account rather than allowing credit to be used 
  • require players to set limits that cannot be increased for a week 
  • mandate breaks in play and the ability for players to self-exclude
  • implement a state-wide self-exclusion register and support third party exclusion
  • ensure personal player data can only be used for law enforcement, not for other government or commercial purposes 
  • legislate the best possible player privacy protections for all system generated data
  • prohibit the use of VIP Lounge signage and political donations from both pubs and clubs
  • introduce an optional buy-back scheme targeted to acquire 2,000 machines over 5 years.

Download more information (PDF 10.6MB) about reforming gaming in NSW pubs and clubs.

Download the full NSW Government response (PDF 193.43KB) to the inquiry

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