Future of Gas Statement

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring NSW regional industries are supported by secure, reliable access to gas through a diverse energy mix.

Gas Plant

The NSW Government recognises that as part of the energy transition, gas from a mix of sources will play a role in supporting access to affordable energy and business growth within NSW.

The government has set a clear and consistent policy framework for gas exploration and development in NSW provides certainty to the gas sector and communities and landholders across the state.

The Future of Gas Statement sets out the NSW’s Government’s approach and a four-point action plan built around:

  1. Improving certainty about future gas production and exploration
  2. Enabling downstream users to access gas to unlock economic benefits
  3. Using gas for firming capacity where it is the most economic option to ensure reliability
  4. Enabling gas-related infrastructure

To support these actions, the government has significantly reduced the land available for gas exploration.

The NSW Government will only renew a limited number of Petroleum Exploration Licences in the Narrabri region, in order to support the future of the Narrabri Gas Project. Renewal will be based on factors including resource potential, and feedback from community.

This is shown on the map below. This map identifies the areas that will be available for gas exploration and production, as well as the areas where gas exploration and production will be prohibited.

Map showing where gas development is allowed and where prohibited


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