Regional Youth Research

Perspectives of young people and the broader youth services community.

Four young people stand around a wooden tablet holding tablets, computers and coffee. They talk and smile at each other

Community and Youth Sector Survey

In collaboration with the Department of Customer Service, the Office for Regional Youth sought feedback in 2023 from the parents, carers and members of the community regarding issues impacting young people aged 12-24.

The results of the survey provide an insight into the perspectives of parents, carers and the wider community on issues impacting young people. 

The Community and Youth Sector Survey (PDF 972.15KB) are a companion to the perspectives of young people and will help shape the NSW Government’s consultation with young people in 2024/25.

Regional Youth Insights

The Office for Regional Youth’s vision is that all young people in the regions have opportunities for meaningful work and education, accessible health care and to thrive within their local communities. 

To further our commitment in ensuring young people’s voices are at the centre of the decision-making process, we have consulted with almost 2,000 young people across regional NSW as part of one of the most significant youth research projects ever commissioned by the NSW Government. 

Our Regional Youth Insights (PDF 9.08MB) (PDF 9.08MB) reveal the most important issues for young people in each region and sets out the priorities to ensure funding is directed towards the initiatives that young people want and need to live their best lives.

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