Changing your name or address

You need to visit a service centre and provide proof of identity when notifying us that your name has changed. If only your address has changed, you can do this online through Service NSW.

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Changing your name

If you've changed your name, you must notify us within 14 days.

What to bring

You need to visit a service centre in person and provide your proof of identity documents. You also need to bring the original of one of the following:

  • Marriage certificate - For NSW, we usually only accept marriage certificates issued by the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. If you were married in another state or country, a marriage certificate from a celebrant or church is acceptable. Commemorative certificates are not acceptable.
  • Change of name certificateissued by an Australian Births, Death and Marriage Registry.
  • Birth certificateissued by an Australian Births, Death and Marriage Registry showing your name at birth and your new name.
  • Divorce documentshowing the name you’re changing back to.
  • Deed pollregistered with the relevant authority. Since 1 April 1996, the NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages registers all name changes in NSW. The NSW Land Titles Office no longer registers Deed Polls or Instruments Evidencing Change of Name.
  • Completed Instrument Evidencing Change of Name formwhich has been registered in the Land Titles Office.

Your identity documents and change of name document should show a clear link between your names.

Changing your address

If you move house, you must tell us your new address within 14 days.

You can change your address:

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