Using a migration agent or legal practitioner

Migration agents and legal practitioner can guide you through visa processes, help with legal matters, and offer essential advice.

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How migration agents can help

If you wish to migrate to NSW, a migration agent can assist you in the following ways:

  • Recommending the most suitable visa for your situation
  • Helping you complete your nomination or visa application
  • Preparing essential documents and information for your application
  • Handling submissions to, and interactions with, relevant government bodies
  • Offering guidance on complex immigration issues

In Australia, migration agents are required to register with the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) to offer immigration services.

How to find a registered migration agent

You can find registered agents on the following platforms:

If you're consulting a migration agent in your home country, we strongly recommend you ensure they're either OMARA-registered or comply with your country's local laws and registration criteria.

Typical migration agent fees

The OMARA website offers insights into the typical fee structure of registered migration agents. Generally, the cost is negotiated individually between the client and the agent.

Unsatisfied with Your Migration Agent?

OMARA is the authority to turn to if you wish to lodge a complaint about the service or fees charged by your migration agent. To file a complaint, simply complete the OMARA online complaints form.

You may terminate your agent's services at any point, even after submitting a visa application. To do this, both you and your agent simply inform our office, or Home Affairs, in writing using the Form 956.

Legal practitioners

A legal practitioner or a representative from the following organisations may also be able to help you migrate to NSW or other immigration matters:

Inform us of your appointment

If you've enlisted the services of a Registered Migration Agent, Legal Practitioner, or an Exempt Person, you must notify our office. To do this, submit a Form 956—indicating the appointment of such a professional—along with your application for NSW nomination.

Report unlawful or unethical conduct

If you encounter unlawful or unethical behaviour from a migration agent or legal practitioner, you can report it to OMARA or Border Watch for investigation.

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