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A new place to swim in Western Sydney

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Over 150,000 people have visited Penrith Beach since we opened on Tuesday 19 December 2023. Make sure you get down to this temporary activation before 3 March 2024 to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Book your free parking pass. 

Opening times

The gates to Penrith Beach are open to visitors with a valid free pass from 10am to 7pm daily from 19 December 2023 to 3 March 2024 except Christmas Day.


Castlereagh Road, Castlereagh, just north of Penrith. Directions to Penrith Beach will be provided with your parking pass.

Frequently asked questions

Access to Penrith Beach

How do I get to Penrith Beach?

Penrith Beach is located on Castlereagh Road, north of Penrith.

Access to Penrith Beach is by car only, with car parking available via a free parking pass system only. You must reserve a parking pass for each vehicle to be able to enter.

Book your free parking pass.


Can I walk or ride my bike into Penrith Beach?

No. There is no pedestrian path or cycleway along Castlereagh Road.

Is there a drop-off and pick-up zone at Penrith Beach?

There is no drop-off and pick-up zone at Penrith Beach.

When is Penrith Beach open?

Penrith Beach opens at 10am and is closed at 7pm from 19 December 2023 until 3 March 2024, except on Christmas Day.

At all other times Penrith Beach is closed to the public with security and police patrolling the area. 


What does it cost?

Penrith Beach is a temporary activation of a great Place to Swim in Western Sydney and access is provided to visitors free of charge however a valid car parking pass is necessary. 

Can I book car parking passes for every day?

To ensure that there is an opportunity for many people to experience Penrith Beach, car parking passes will be released every three days on our website. There are no season passes. 

What happens when the car park is full?

Once the parking pass allocation is exhausted, there will be no additional allocation. This allows for the safe operation, access and exit from Penrith Beach during the temporary activation and the safety and comfort of local residents. 

Parking passes are released every three days, so keep an eye out for the next release.

What happens if I arrive to site without a parking pass booked?

Access to Penrith Beach will only be permitted with a valid parking pass. The Penrith beach operations team will advise you on arrival if there are available passes and encourage you to download a pass and then re-enter the site. If the allocation for that day has been exhausted, you will need to return another day with a valid parking pass. 

What can I bring to Penrith Beach?

You should bring with you all the things you would normally take to a beach – towels, beach chairs, shade such as a beach umbrella, hats and sunscreen, and drinking water. If you plan on having lunch, bring a picnic with you as there is no food for sale at the beach. To help keep the beach clean. Please take everything you bring with you home.

Is food for sale at the beach?

There is no food for sale at the beach, please bring a picnic with you and plenty of water.

Can I bring my BBQ to Penrith Beach?

Due to potential fire hazard, no BBQs are permitted at Penrith Beach.

Can I bring alcohol?

We want to ensure that Penrith Beach is a safer and enjoyable experience for all visitors. No alcohol is permitted. 

Is there any shade?

Penrith Beach is a natural beach experience, and there are no structures on the beach site. Please bring your own shade and sunscreen.

What happens in case of an emergency?

Penrith Beach has an incident management plan. Please stay calm and wait for instructions from the staff on site.

What happens if it rains?

Penrith Beach will remain open. Visitors will be encouraged to leave the site in the event of thunderstorm and high winds.

What happens if I have lost something?

Please contact one of the Penrith Beach operations staff. 

Can I bring pets?

Pets are prohibited at Penrith Beach. This is to ensure the safety of all visitors, maintain the cleanliness of the beach and minimise disturbances to wildlife.

Are there toilets?

The beach has temporary toilets, including two accessible toilets, as well as change rooms. 

Is the beach accessible?

Penrith Beach has allocated accessible parking, a pathway that runs to the beach’s edge and will have a beach wheelchair for use and access mat into the water. There are accessible bathrooms. 

Can I smoke on site?

Smoking or vaping are not permitted at Penrith Beach. 

Is there mobile reception?


Swimming at Penrith Beach

Is the beach patrolled by lifeguards?

Royal Life Saving Society lifeguards patrol the designated swimming area, which is about 130m long and extends about 80m into the water at the southern end of the beach. Areas outside this are not patrolled.

Is the water safe for swimming?

The water quality at Penrith Beach has been tested for several years and is safe to swim in. We will be testing the water quality regularly and reporting both with signs at the beach and through Beachwatch. Pass holders are encouraged to check the website, particularly after rain, to ensure that the water is safe to swim in. 

Operations staff at Penrith Beach will check the water daily for early signs of algal blooms, and will advise pass holders via email if the beach water is not safe to swim in.

How deep is the water?

The water in the dedicated swimming zone reaches up to 5 metres deep.

Can I bring my kayak or paddleboard?

We are trialling the use of non-powered watercraft, which are permitted in the area just outside of the buoys. This area is not monitored by the lifeguards and is at your own risk.

Can I bring my boat or jetski?

No motorised watercraft are permitted.

Can I fish in the lake?

Fishing is not permitted however you can register to fish at the Regatta Centre down the road.

What animals live in the lake?

There are some fish, migratory birds including a big family of black swans and a small family of pelicans you might spot in quiet times. 

Western Sydney’s new oasis

This summer, there’s a new beach in Western Sydney. The NSW Government is making waves with an exciting investment to activate a temporary swim site.  

Penrith Beach in Western Sydney will be open to swim from 19 December 2023 to 3 March 2024.  

Penrith Beach is a sun-kissed shore, where the sand meets crystal clear waters, offering a refreshing escape from the heat. The beach offers a natural waterside experience in the heart of Western Sydney where people of all ages and backgrounds can get in, on and around the water.  

Penrith Beach isn’t just about fun in the sun, it’s also about embracing the natural environment, and a symbol of the growth and commitment to provide world-class facilities to Western Sydney residents.  

About Penrith Beach

More than 7,000 people told us in the 2019 Greater Sydney Outdoor Survey that outdoor recreation, particularly on or near the water, plays an important role in their lives. Access to waterways for recreation varies significantly across Greater Sydney, with the biggest barriers including travel distance and cost.

Without their own beach, Western Sydney residents would need to travel 40 km to swim in Lake Parramatta, 63 km to Bondi Beach, or 75 km to either Cronulla or Manly.

Located within a former quarry site, Penrith Beach runs next to the Nepean River and is part of Western Sydney Lakes, which is owned by Penrith Lakes Development Corporation.

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