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Great places and spaces are closer than you think. Search NSW with our free digital map and create your own walk.

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How to use this map

Using the search panel

Enable location services in your browser or phone to create a starting point for your walk, or you can also just enter an address. This will be the starting point of any suburb, town or city you nominate. The blue pedestrian icon shows your start location.

How to use Map

Using filters and distance

Filter what you want to visit by selecting a tick box. All categories are selected as default, but you can select as many as you want. You can also select the radius from your start location that suits you.

A screenshot of that map Destinations and activities

Adding pins

Create your walk by selecting the places you want to visit in order from start to finish. Use the '+ Add to my walk' button. 

You can add up to 20 pins for your walk.

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Return to start location

Select the 'return to start location at the end of my walk' button if you're walking in a loop, or deselect it if you want to finish at another location.

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Editing pins

Edit the order of pins in the 'My walk' panel by selecting the arrow button.

Editing pins

List view

Choose the 'List View' option if you are using accessibility software.

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Sharing my walk

You can share your walk on Facebook or Twitter from the 'My walk' page. Or you can click the PDF icon to save or print your walk and send it via email.

Share and save

Some results do not have photos or detailed descriptions

Results are generated from the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse and the NSW Department of Customer Service points of interest dataset.

Where no image or detailed description appears in the result, this has been generated from the point of interest dataset.

Where images and detailed descriptions appear, these have been generated by the Australian Tourism Data Warehouse. The 'List View' page shows all results to provide accessibility functions.

Descriptions of the 'Destinations and activities'

The descriptions of the 'Destinations and activities' categories include the following.

  • Walk; pre-curated walks.
  • Open Space; parks, playgrounds, beaches, riverbanks and sporting fields.
  • Public Facility; libraries, aquatic centres, museums, galleries and information centres.
  • Points of Interest; galleries, museums, theatres, historic buildings, memorials and landmarks.
  • Events; community events, markets, festivals, celebrations, talks, workshops, shows and exhibitions. Some may be paid activities. 

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