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Helping NSW communities get ready. This includes public education campaigns and working closely with emergency service agencies to raise awareness.

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Why NSW needs to be prepared

NSW has experienced tough times; from drought to storms, fires to floods, earthquake to pandemic. 

No matter if we live in cities, suburbs or rural areas, these challenges have tested our strength and forced us to adapt. ​

In the face of adversity, we have drawn on the ingenuity of our industries, businesses and communities. Many are still feeling the impacts of recent events. History has shown us that with time, and by working together we can come through them – stronger​.

We will continue to face these challenges. Australia’s diverse landscapes and environments and our rapidly changing world mean we could face a range of expected and unexpected events. 

Our experience tells us it’s not just how we respond, but how we prepare, that will make a difference to our future. 

We need to be prepared so we can respond to these challenges quickly and efficiently, with the right resources in place. So we are ready to draw on our strengths and the strengths of others. To ensure we protect lives, livelihoods and Country. To help reduce the physical and mental impacts these challenges can bring.

We need to be prepared so when an event occurs, we respond better by working together. So we can rebuild our communities, local businesses and industries quicker. When we get it right, we create strength in the face of adversity. We ensure our NSW community can recover and grow.

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What a prepared NSW looks like

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Being prepared puts people and communities at the centre. It relies on understanding, adapting and empowering at every level – government, business and community - to help prevent and respond to challenges that come our way.​

It is not only a task we do. It is a way we all live and behave together. ​

A prepared NSW is able to adapt. Our communities share knowledge, make informed choices, help those that are vulnerable, those who need a helping hand.

We know how to look out for each other. It means we know what to do, who to turn to and how to act in times of stress. We know where to get the right information, at the right time. We are ready to protect those around us from misinformation that can work against us when we try to keep communities safe. ​

We help and know what to expect of others. ​That way when crises hit, we walk side by side to work as one. We all do the best we can to get through.

Being prepared means there is consistency and collaboration across all governments, local, state and federal. Working with Aboriginal culture knowledge keepers to better understand and learn from their wisdom. ​

A prepared NSW has the resources to cope with adversity. We continue to learn and grow stronger with every event and with our evolving community.  ​

What role can we each play

Everyone in NSW has a role and responsibility in making sure we are prepared. That’s true for Government, businesses, communities and individuals. There is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution.

Preparation starts with each of us. It is our everyday actions that make a difference. 

As individuals we can understand the specific needs and risks for ourselves, our household and our community. We can stay informed, take preventative measures where we can and plan the steps we need to take when an event occurs. 

By creating stronger connections with each other, taking the time to listen to each other, knowing our neighbours and those in our local area. By understanding it is our differences that make our community stronger.

Each of us can help prepare by formal volunteering or by helping others. By supporting local emergency organisations, sports clubs, faith-based and other community groups through which we come together. By understanding that it is ok to ask for help and knowing who you can turn to when times get tough.

Community-based organisations and leaders can share knowledge, develop skills, communicate roles and build connections. They can help people support themselves and each other in times of need.

Working together, communities, the NSW Government, Traditional Custodians and sector experts can raise awareness of and plan for future crises. State and local governments can provide additional support for individuals, households and communities to connect and build confidence in what it means to be prepared. 

NSW Government can continue to strengthen emergency responses at all levels and together with communities help local areas adapt.  

Together, we can prepare our community, protecting it and making it stronger to face the challenges ahead.

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