NSW Reconstruction Authority – reducing the risk

Taking action to reduce risks and their impact on lives. This includes a State Disaster Mitigation Plan and working with councils on local Disaster Adaptation Plans.

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NSW is the best place to live and work with mountain ranges, floodplains, rainforest, hinterland, outback, and meandering coastline. But these features can also expose us to natural hazards including bushfires, floods, storms, heatwaves, earthquakes, and coastal erosion. 

We know from Aboriginal oral history and stories that bush fires, floods and storms have affected our state for thousands of years. 

The impact and cost of these disasters has increased over the past decade. Since 2019, NSW residents have endured more than 65 declared disasters, costing the government more than $6 billion, with more than 20,000 homes damaged in 2022 alone.

One of the key outcomes from the Independent 2022 NSW Flood Inquiry, was the establishment of the NSW Reconstruction Authority. With a clear mandate to reduce the impact of disasters, we have a range of experts working to reduce our exposure to risks. 


The Authority is responsible for planning and coordinating NSW’s mitigation and risk reduction activities.

These activities include:

  • identifying and assessing disaster-related risks and impacts 
  • developing an actionable State Disaster Mitigation Plan and coordinate its implementation 
  • helping councils progressively develop local Disaster Adaptation Plans  
  • advising the relevant Minister(s) on the declaration of disaster prevention areas 
  • working with communities, councils, industry, and governments to develop long term investment programs in risk reduction 
  • where necessary, and to respond with urgency, using our planning and development powers to enable disaster prevention works 
  • helping communities understand previous disasters and mitigate future risks through asset hardening or relocation. 
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