Disaster Risk Reduction Fund

The Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (DRRF) will finance targeted work across the state of NSW to support the prevention, mitigation and management of disaster risk.

NSW Reconstruction Authority

The NSW Reconstruction Authority was established in December 2022 and is dedicated to disaster preparedness, recovery and reconstruction.

The NSW Government is working to transition Resilience NSW’s functions, staff and budgets to maximise the government’s response and recovery capability. 

Funded projects

See information on the projects being joint-funded by the State Risk Reduction stream, as announced on Wednesday 9 November.

Disaster Risk Reduction Fund - State Risk Reduction Stream

In 2020, the DRRF was established under the National Partnership Agreement on Disaster Risk Reduction (NPADRR) as part of a national implementation of the National Disaster Risk Reduction Fund (NDRRF) to support each state’s meaningful progress.

Under a joint NSW-Australian Government agreement, $51.8m of grant funding is available (with a total $27.1m Commonwealth contribution) under the DRRF to:

  • Take action to reduce existing disaster risk
  • Minimise creation of future disaster risk
  • Equip decision makers with the capabilities and information they need to manage and reduce disaster risk.

The DRRF also aligns with the draft risk mitigation (‘prevent’) outcome of the State Resilience Strategy currently under development.

Target projects under the program include:

  • Disaster risk knowledge and data collection, analysis and sharing
  • Targeted interventions to reduce an identified disaster risk affecting NSW 
  • Developing and employing methods, tools and/or regulations to reduce systemic risk and disaster risk
  • Uplifting public service capability and/or capacity for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR).

The program consists of 3 grant streams:

  • $17.8m State Risk Reduction stream
  • $30m Local & Regional Risk Reduction stream
  • $4m Building Disaster Risk Knowledge stream

State Risk Reduction

Applications are closed.

Local & Regional Risk Reduction

Applications are closed.

Building Risk Knowledge stream

More information coming soon.

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