After emergency services have made an area safe, stepping in to get people back in their homes and back to their lives. This includes supporting clean ups, safe temporary housing and coordinating critical infrastructure.

Cleanup after floods
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Our approach

The Authority is not responsible for emergency response or management. NSW is well-served by emergency service agencies, under the control of the State Emergency Operations Controller, who are responsible and ready for the immediate response to disasters.  

The NSW Reconstruction Authority was established to proactively reduce the impact of future disasters across NSW and to help communities recover from them faster. 

We will complete critical planning and preparation with communities, businesses and all levels of government to reduce the impact natural disasters have on our lives. 

When disasters occur, our staff will work closely with emergency services and community leaders to understand what local communities will need to recover. 

Once the immediate threat has eased, we will lead recovery efforts in collaboration with community leaders and other recovery partners. 

Our CEO fulfills the role of the State Emergency Recovery Controller (SERCON) and directs recovery efforts across government through the State Recovery Committee (SRC). 

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Help to recover

Disaster Relief Grant

Financial assistance to eligible individuals and families whose homes have been damaged by a natural disaster.

Recovery Support Services

If you have been affected by floods, Recovery Support Services will help you in your recovery journey by providing personalised, free, long-term support.

Temporary housing programs

Temporary housing is available for people in some areas who cannot stay in their homes due to floods.

NSW Recovery Plan

The NSW Recovery Plan is a supporting plan that sets out the strategic arrangements for disaster recovery in NSW and provides the framework for local and event specific plans.

Download the NSW Recovery Plan (PDF 2.77MB)

Our other responsibilities

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