Subsidence Advisory NSW

Subsidence Advisory NSW is the NSW Government agency responsible for supporting property owners living in areas where subsidence from underground coal mining may occur.

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Emergency hotline

Report a subsidence emergency at your property or subsidence holes to the Subsidence Advisory's NSW 24 hour emergency hotline. 1800 248 083.

For general enquiries please contact our team.

Lodge a claim, enquiry or application online

To lodge a claim, enquiry or development application online, login to the Subsidence Advisory NSW Portal with your MyServiceNSW Account.

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Mine regulation in NSW

Subsidence Advisory NSW is not responsible for mine regulation in NSW.

Several NSW Government departments and agencies collaborate on different aspects of mine regulation in NSW, under different legislation.

Our services

Subsidence Advisory NSW:

  • provides advocacy and support to local property owners affected by coal mine subsidence in NSW
  • manages all compensation claims if mine subsidence damage occurs and supports property owners throughout the claims process
  • regulates development within Mine Subsidence Districts to help protect homes and buildings from potential subsidence damage.

Safety and subsidence emergencies

How to report subsidence safety and serviceability issues.


A step-by-step guide to claiming compensation for property damage caused by mine subsidence.

Buying property

Learn more about buying a property within a Mine Subsidence District.

Mine Subsidence Districts

Check if a property is in a Mine Subsidence District.

Development applications

A step-by-step guide for building or subdividing in a district.

About us

Learn more about Subsidence Advisory NSW and how we support property owners living in active and non-active mining areas of NSW.
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What is mine subsidence?

Mine subsidence is the movement of the ground that can occur after underground coal mining. After coal is extracted from beneath the ground, the land above can sink and fill the hollow mine workings. This can cause tilts and strains on the ground surface.

To ensure community safety, it is important people living in active or non-active mining areas are aware of what mine subsidence is, the signs that mine subsidence may have occurred and to immediately report any subsidence safety issues.

Learn more about mine subsidence.

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