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The Cabinet Office publishes information about NSW government projects, inquiries and processes. Access publications, reviews, policies and reports.

Annual Reports

The Cabinet Office (formerly the Department of Premier and Cabinet) Annual Reports outline annual performance, key achievements, corporate governance and financial information.

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Review of grants administration in NSW

The Review into NSW Government grants made 19 recommendations to bring grants administration into line with best practice. This included improvements in planning and design, principles, customer experience and value for public money. 

Review of policies and procedures for Ministerial offices

The Review examined the current processes for receiving and handling complaints about bullying, harassment, and sexual misconduct concerning Ministerial staff in NSW. The Review was undertaken by the Hon Pru Goward.

Review of Community Building Partnership administration processes

In 2016, this Review looked into the Community Building Partnerships' administration processes. The independent report gave recommendations about the administrative processes of issuing grants and funding agreements with organisations. 

Special commissions of Inquiry

Special Commission of Inquiry into healthcare funding

On 24 August 2023, the NSW Government announced the creation of a new Special Commission of Inquiry tasked with conducting a review of healthcare funding in NSW. The Inquiry will also be tasked with identifying opportunities to deliver higher quality, more timely, and more accessible patient-centred care.

NSW Bushfire Inquiry

The Bushfire Inquiry has worked to understand what happened during the 2019-2020 bushfire season and how it was different to seasons that have come before. 

Trade Commissioner to Americas employment process Inquiry

The Inquiry was conducted by Mr Graeme Head AO into the employment arrangements for the Senior Investment and Trade Commissioner for the Americas.

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