Grants Administration Guide

The Grants Administration Guide outlines how the NSW Government creates, offers and manages grants opportunities.

Government agencies must comply with this Guide as mandated by the Premier’s Memorandum.

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The Grants Administration Guide (the Guide) has been issued in response to recommendations of the Review of Grants Administration in NSW.

The Guide provides:

  • an overview of the grants administration process in NSW
  • overarching principles for NSW Government grants
  • mandatory requirements for administering NSW Government grants.
Set of pages from PDF.

What is changing with this guide?

The 2022 Review of Grants Administration in NSW made a number of recommendations to improve how the NSW Government delivers grants.

The Guide aims to harmonise grants administration processes across government and ensure that the key principles of transparency, accountability and probity are embedded in the way NSW Government grants are delivered.

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How do I comply?

It is now mandatory for all NSW Government agencies and ministerial offices to implement the practices and procedures in the Guide. This is in accordance with the Premier’s Memorandum.

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The Grants Administration in NSW Ministerial Offices Protocol provides information on how NSW Government ministers and staff must comply with the Grants Administration Guide. 

Read the Grants Administration in NSW Ministerial Offices Protocol (PDF 129.27KB) .

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Access the full Grants Administation Guide which describes the how the NSW Government manages grants opportunities.


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