Western NSW services

We provide a wide range of vital health services across Western NSW to people with varying health needs, from birth and early childhood through to old age. This includes services to help keep people healthy as well as manage chronic and complex conditions.

Aboriginal Nurse working in Western NSW

Aged care

There are a range of aged care services available to older people, their families and carers in Western NSW. 

Allied health

Our diverse range of allied health services include dietitians, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, speech pathologists, psychologists and social workers.

Cancer care

We provide a range of services to support people living with cancer, from the point of diagnosis, through treatment, follow up and survivorship.

Child and family

We offer a range of services for families, children and young people in a variety of settings including hospitals, community health centres and schools.

Chronic disease management

We provide a range of services for people at risk of or living with chronic diseases, including diabetes, heart and lung, kidney, liver and respiratory services.

Dental services

We provide a range of free dental services for eligible patients.

Medical imaging

A wide range of medical imaging procedures are available through our services, to help diagnose, assess and treat your injury or disease, including x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI.

Mental health, drug and alcohol

Our mental health, drug and alcohol services include a range of health professionals to provide the care people need, when and where they need it.

Palliative care

We provide services and support to help people with a life-limiting or terminal illness to live as fully and as comfortably as possible.

People with disability

We aim to provide accessible, inclusive and welcoming services that meet the needs of people with disability and their families and carers.

Pharmacy services

Our pharmacists and pharmacy technicians work closely with doctors and nurses to support the best use of medicines for patients in our hospitals and specialist outpatient clinics.

Pregnancy, birth and baby

We offer a diverse range of services to women during pregnancy, birth and early parenting, at various locations around our District.

Public health

We help protect the health of the community by identifying, preventing and minimising risks arising from communicable diseases and harmful substances in the environment.

Sexual health

We provide professional, caring and non-judgemental sexual health services and clinics.

Speech pathology online resources

Information and resources for families and others to support children’s communication development in everyday situations, while they wait to see a speech pathologist.​

Violence, abuse and neglect

Our services can help people experiencing violence, abuse or neglect, or the physical, mental and emotional health problems that these can cause.

Voluntary assisted dying

In Western NSW a Care Navigation Service supports, coordinates and plays an essential role in helping eligible patients to access and navigate the voluntary assisted dying process.

Women's health

We provide a range of women’s health services across our District, to women from their teenage years and above.

Organ and tissue donation for transplantation

Each year, organ and tissue transplants transform the lives of thousands of people in Western NSW LHD. However, the more than 1600 Australians who are on organ transplant waiting lists at any given time still require more donors to meet their needs.

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Smoke-free policy

Smoke-free policy

All our hospitals and locations are smoke-free. Smoking anywhere on the grounds may result in a $300 fine. View our policy.

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