Disability parking permits in NSW

If you have a temporary or permanent condition that affects your mobility, you may be eligible for the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme.

Apply for, renew or replace a permit

The Mobility Parking Scheme (MPS) provides parking concessions to people with mobility disability. Apply, renew or replace a permit through Service NSW.

Update your personal details online

If you have recently moved home or changed your postal address, you need to update your contact details within 14 days through ServiceNSW.

Apply for a permit

Steps to apply for individual and temporary disability parking permits in NSW.

Organisation permits

How organisations can apply for a parking permit to transport people with disability.

Eligibility for a permit

What are the eligibility requirements for a disability parking permit?

Renew or replace a permit

Here's how to renew or replace a disability parking permit.

Costs of a permit

Learn about costs, concessions and fines relating to the NSW Mobility Parking Scheme.

How to display your permit

How to display and attach your NSW disability parking permit to your vehicle.

Where you can use your permit

How you can use disability parking spaces and what parking concessions you're entitled to if you have a NSW disability parking permit.

Conditions of use and reporting misuse

Know the rules for using NSW and Australian disability parking permits. Penalties apply for misuse.

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