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Adult and community education provides skills, support and training for today's workforce. Find out what community colleges do, and how they can assist you.

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What's adult and community education? 

Adult and community education (ACE) provides affordable, local training and education.  

In NSW you can access adult and community education in metro, regional, rural and remote areas. It’s targeted to local individuals, businesses and communities.

How it works 

Adult and community education may help you:  

  • get into work for the first time 
  • get back to work after being away 
  • learn new skills or build on your existing skills  
  • build your confidence for work or further education.  

It provides training including: 

  • English language, literacy, numeracy, and digital literacy support 
  • general interest courses 
  • accredited courses – providing nationally recognised qualifications  
  • courses tailored to local industries or individuals. 

Who it’s for 

It’s for adults of all backgrounds, ages and abilities.  

It’s for you, your staff, or any other adult that wants to enrol in a local program.  

Each year, it helps millions of Australians get the skills they need. 

How to enrol 

See Find a community college to locate an ACE service near you. Visit the college website for a course list. Ask them how they can help if you have special needs or interests.  

How it’s funded 

Adult and community education providers are independent. But they partner with a variety of organisations for funding support, and to meet local needs. 

Training Services NSW (a division of Department of Education) runs the ACE program providing grants to ACE providers. It also provides funding and support for training programs for business and disadvantaged community members. 

To find out if you’re eligible for this funding, contact your local provider

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