Service providers for apprenticeships and traineeships

Information for service providers giving support for apprenticeships and traineeships.

Team of workers of different ages and backgrounds posing in front of warehouse

For providers giving formal training to apprentices and trainees

What's involved in providing formal training for apprentices and trainees? Info on registration, training packages, training plan and completion.

Register as a GTO and access programs

Find out how to register as a group training organisation (GTO) in NSW. Get support to recruit apprentices and trainees.

For VET training providers

Programs and services, guidelines, resources, stats, trends and support. Including Smart and Skilled and funding options.

Documents and resources

Access forms, documents and resources to help you provide services for apprentices or trainees.

Types of service providers

There are a range of service providers helping to deliver or supporting quality vocational education and training in NSW.

Info for Employers or Students

Pathway to Employer pages for workplace training information. Or visit the student/worker pages for Skills NSW updates.

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