Government schools

NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) monitors the NSW government schooling system to ensure it complies with similar registration requirements to those for non-government schools.

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Government schools and NESA

NESA monitors and provides advice on the compliance of NSW government schools to the Minister for Education and Early Childhood Learning and the Secretary of the Department.

Registration process

The government schooling system is monitored by NESA through the registration process. Learn more about how this process works and read the Manual.

Framework for reporting

The Department provides an annual report to NESA about the compliance of government schools. Find out about the framework for reporting.

Schools selected at random for a short-notice inspection

NESA's risk-based approach to regulation includes some government schools annually selected at random for a short-notice inspection. Learn more about this program.

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Raising concerns about government schools

Do you have a concern about a government school? Contact the NSW Department of Education.

Your Feedback - NSW Department of Education 

More information on regulation processes for government schools

Enquiries about the Department’s processes

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NSW Department of Education

Enquiries about NESA's processes

Jason Cheers
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