Home schooling

Parents may choose to home school their children in NSW. NESA regulates home schooling and registers eligible children. Find out about home schooling and the resources available to parents.

Parent and child in home school environment

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Home schooling in NSW

Parents in NSW are allowed to choose home schooling to provide for the compulsory schooling of their children. Home schooling means that the parent takes responsibility for educating their child, primarily in the child’s home.

To be home schooled, a child must:

  • be registered by the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA), and
  • reside in NSW.

Assessment by an Authorised Person

From 29 April 2024, applications for initial home schooling registration will be assessed by home visit. Find out what this means for your application.

Home schooled child with laptop

Applying for home schooling

Understand whether your child is eligible for home schooling, and the steps involved in applying. Ensure you have read this before you begin your application.

Learn how to apply for home schooling



Home schooling information

Guidelines for Home Schooling Registration in NSW

Read important information about home schooling in NSW and registration requirements.

Applying to register for home schooling

Understand the process of registering your child for home schooling.

Educational programs and resources

Access syllabus information, help developing educational programs, and home schooling sample materials.

Curriculum reform

Find out how the new syllabuses will impact your home schooling.

Contacts and support information

Contact and support information for home schooling registration and general inquiries.

Home Schooling Consultative Group

The group was established following the Legislative Council Inquiry into home schooling in NSW.

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