Non-government schools

NESA is responsible for registering and accrediting all non-government schools in NSW. Find out the requirements for compliance with registration and accreditation.

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In NSW, a non-government school must:

  • be registered to educate any or all of the Years of schooling (Kindergarten to Year 12)
  • seek accreditation to present candidates for the Record of School Achievement (RoSA) or Higher School Certificate (HSC).

Find out how non-government schools must comply with NESA's rules to maintain registration and accreditation status.

Information for schools 

Find out how to comply with rules set out in the Education Act to maintain registration and accreditation status of a non-government school.

School registration and accreditation manuals

Non-government schools must be registered to operate. Find out how schools apply for registration and accreditation.

Register a new non-government school

Read about the process and documentation that a new non-government school needs to apply for registration.

School inspections

NESA’s risk-based approach to regulation includes the selection of schools at random for a short notice inspection. Discover more about how inspection processes work.

Governance training

Responsible persons for a school are required to complete NESA-approved governance training. Find out about the approved courses and how to become a governance training provider.

Recognition of schools outside NSW

A school from outside NSW may seek recognition to present candidates for the RoSA and HSC. Find the list of currently recognised schools and the process to apply for recognition.

Resources for schools

Schools are responsible for complying with the requirements for registration. Find support to help understand NESA's requirements.

Non-government schools

Find details of all registered non-government schools in NSW.

List of non-government registered schools

Find the current list of all registered non-government schools in NSW. Learn about registration and accreditation terms.

New non-government schools

Find details of new non-government schools that were registered in the last 5 years.

Schools with conditions of registration

Conditions of registration may be applied to a school's registration. Find the schools with current conditions. 

Closed non-government schools

Find details about non-government schools that closed in the last 5 years.

School hall

Complaints about a school

If you have a complaint about a non-government school, there are various ways your concern can be raised. Find out more about what your next steps should be.

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RANGS Online

Access RANGS Online for a non-government school to apply for registration, accreditation, approval as a school provider, or recognition for schools outside NSW.

RANGS Online

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