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NESA sets the educational standards for all schools in NSW. Learn about the role of the NESA Board and ongoing research projects and strategic plans. 

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What NESA does

The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) works with the NSW community to drive improvements in student achievement. We set syllabuses, assessment and teaching and school standards for all schools in NSW.

Information and resources

Who we are

Providing equitable access to  quality education is what NESA values most. Learn about who we are and our operations and functions.

Strategies and reforms

NESA has different strategies and reforms to improve education in NSW. Learn about recent changes and initiatives.


NESA undertakes research to understand and improve education in NSW. Browse the list of research available and learn how to create a research application.


NESA has a responsibility to protect the privacy of personal information. Learn how we collect, store and use sensitive data.

Policies and procedures

There are a range of policies and procedures that guide how NESA operates. Learn about these procedures and NESA's governing policies.

Open access to information

You have a right to access information held by NESA. Learn what you can access, what can’t be disclosed and how to access this information.

Updates from NESA

Read the latest news, find key dates for students and schools, and learn about NESA's awards and events.


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You can stay updated on what's happening in education in NSW through NESA News. Find the latest school notices, learn about media releases published by NESA and see our regular updates.


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Key dates

There's a range of important dates students, schools, parents and teachers need to know about. Find the dates for HSC, NAPLAN and other important dates in the school calendar.


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Awards and events

NESA celebrates the achievements of students and teachers through awards, showcases, and merit lists. Browse the lists of high achievers and see the recognition events taking place throughout the year.


Stay informed with NESA newsletters

Subscribe to NESA newsletters for all the latest news, media releases and official notices. 



Get in contact with NESA

You can contact NESA by phone or post

Call: +61 2 9367 8111

NSW Education Standards Authority
PO Box 5300
Sydney NSW 2001

Stay connected

Keep in touch by following NESA on social media.

For more information on how to contact a specific team or make a complaint, visit NESA's contact us page.

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