Policies and procedures at NESA

NESA's policies and procedures guide our activities and operations. Learn how NESA manages privacy, complaints, staff conduct and engaging with the media.

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NESA has a range of policies and procedures that govern what we do. Use this A to Z index to find documents on registration, accreditation, privacy and operational procedures.

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Information and resources

Code of Ethics and Conduct

The Code describes how NESA employees must behave. Understand the ethical obligations and what's expected of staff.

Compressed HSC curriculum delivery

Schools can choose to deliver the HSC program over one year instead of two. Find out the eligibility requirements and how to apply.

Privacy policy

NSW privacy laws require NESA to protect the privacy of all stakeholders. Understand how NESA protects the privacy of all stakeholders, as required by NSW privacy laws.

Complaint handling policy and process

This policy describes how NESA manages complaints consistently and fairly. Learn more about the process and how to make a complaint.

HSC media protocols

There are rules on the contact that media organisations can have with schools during the HSC. Learn about the protocols and how to request an interview or media visit.

Updates from NESA

Read the latest news, find key dates for students and schools, learn about our awards and events, and understand your right to information.

Key dates

There's a range of important dates students, schools, parents and teachers need to know about. Find the dates for HSC, NAPLAN tests and other important dates in the school calendar.

Awards and events

NESA celebrates the achievements of students and teachers through awards, showcases, and merit lists. Browse the lists of high-achievers and see events taking place throughout the year.

NESA news

You can stay updated on what's happening in education in NSW through NESA's news. Find the latest school notices, learn about media releases published by NESA and see our regular updates.

Open access to information

You have a right to access information held by NESA. Learn what you can access, what can’t be disclosed and how to access this information.

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