Recovering from a natural disaster

Recovery from a natural disaster can be a slow and difficult process, and often emotionally exhausting. Find information and support to help you and your community once the danger of a disaster has passed.

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Guidance and support to help your recovery

Accommodation support

If you need temporary accommodation after a natural disaster, contact Service NSW.

Replacing ID, licences and personal documents

If your identity, licences, certificates, permits, registrations or documents are lost or damaged in a bushfire, you can apply for replacements.

Managing your mental health

Living through a natural disaster can take a toll on your mental health and wellbeing. It's vital that you and the people around you seek the support you need.

Landlords' and tenants' rights after an emergency

When properties are affected by disasters tenants and landlords have certain rights and responsibilities under NSW laws.

Grants and funding finder

Visit the Grants and funding finder for information about programs that may be available after a natural disaster.

Natural disaster declarations

Check the list of disaster declarations to see what government support may be available to you.

Recovery information by disaster type



Emergency resources and contacts

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