Career changer resumes and cover letters

An example profile and job application advice for job seekers who are are moving from one occupation and/or industry to another.

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The fictional profile below gives you a practical example of how to apply for your first job. It includes a cover letter, resume and the corresponding job advertisement. These are just some of the resources available from our library of resume templates and cover letter examples.

Seeking a new career in web development – example profile

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Craig Miller

Craig is a content professional with over 10 years’ experience who wants a career change. He’s acquired new skills in web development via an intensive short course, complementing his experience working in digital content. 

The role at digital studio Automoto Synch presents an opportunity to merge his expertise in content and project management with his new programming skills. His application demonstrates how his previous skills are transferable to position himself as suitable for this role. 

Craig's resume or CV    Craig's cover letter

Advice when changing careers

Your resume or CV

Clearly articulate your transferable skills and how your previous experiences are relevant to the new field. This might include a skills section at the top of the resume or a summary statement that makes this connection clear. Include any recent education or training that supports the career change.

Your cover letter

Use your cover letter to tell the story of why you're making a career change and how your background is a benefit, not a drawback. Provide examples of transferable skills and how your unique perspective can add value to the role that’s being advertised.


See how the person in the example articulates their transferable skills and explains how previous experiences are relevant to this new industry. They tell the story of why they are making a career change.

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