Re-entering the workforce resumes and cover letters

An example profile and job application advice for job seekers who are returning to professional employment after an extended absence.

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The fictional profile below gives you a practical example of how to apply for your first job. It includes a cover letter, resume and the corresponding job advertisement. These are just some of the resources available from our library of resume templates and cover letter examples.

Seeking an administration role – example profile

A woman sat at a table with a laptop with a coffee.

Alice Jones

Alice left the workforce for 5 years to start a family. During this break she volunteered and kept her skills up by attending short technology courses. She is now re-entering the workforce.

A position as an Administration Clerk at the Supastore appeals to Alice. In her application, she articulates how her events management background, coupled with her new IT skills, set her up for success in this role. 

Alice's resume or CV    Alice's cover letter

Advice when re-entering the workforce

Your resume or CV

Update your resume to focus on relevant skills and achievements, even from non-paid roles. If you've taken courses or certifications during your career break, make sure these are prominent – show a commitment to continual learning.

Volunteer work can also be included to fill gaps and show your engagement in your field or local community.

Your cover letter

Address the gap in your employment in a straightforward way. Focus on your eagerness to return to work and how your experiences during the break such as volunteer work or courses have added to your skills set. Highlight your transferable skills and past professional achievements.

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See how the example profile on this page addresses the employment gap and outlines the skills and experience acquired during the career break.

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