Justice Health NSW patients, families and carers

We work with patients, families and carers to ensure patients receive the best healthcare. Learn about our health services for people in custody and after release, support available for families and carers and how to access patient health information.

Families and carers

Worried about someone's mental health?

If you're worried about someone's mental health in custody, call the Justice Health NSW Mental Health Helpline at 1800 222 472.

The Mental Health Helpline of Justice Health NSW does not operate in respect of patients held at privately operated correctional facilities, including Parklea and Clarence Correctional Centres.

Support and information


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Support for released patients

After you’ve been released from custody, there are free public health services available to support you in managing your health and wellbeing.


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Support for families and carers

If you’re a family member or carer of someone who is in custody or in the forensic mental health system, there is support available to help you navigate the health system and also take care of your own wellbeing.


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Accessing health information

If you’ve recently been released from custody and would like to access your medical records or to access on someone’s behalf, find out how you can request this information. 

Supporting Mob in custody

Our Supporting Mob in Custody video series is aimed at families and carers who have a loved one in custody and want to know how they can support their mental health and wellbeing. Get tips on how to start a conversation, what to do if you're concerned and also how carers can support themselves.

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Our health services

Justice Health NSW provides health care to adults and young people in contact with the forensic mental health and criminal justice systems in NSW. Find out about our health services provided to support patients while in custody. 


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Aboriginal health

We support Aboriginal peoples and communities to be healthy and access culturally safe services that meet their needs. 


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Allied Health

Our Allied Health services use practices with good evidence of effectiveness to prevent, diagnose and treat various conditions and illnesses. These include – Optometry, Physiotherapy, Oral health, Radiology and much more. 


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Drug and alcohol

Our drug and alcohol services offer assistance and support for patients dealing with substance use problems. 


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Mental health

Our mental health services provide a crisis service, clinical management and psychiatry services for people with acute or serious mental health conditions. 


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Primary care

Our primary care services support our patient’s health needs – from health promotion to disease prevention, treatment and more. 


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Public sexual health

We help protect the health of the community by identifying, preventing and minimising risks arising from communicable diseases. 

Our facilities

We provide health care to over 30,000 patients each year in over 100 community, inpatient, and custodial settings throughout NSW, including urban, rural, and regional areas.

Forensic hospital building

Our care commitment

Justice Health NSW's Patient Charter describes your healthcare rights when you come into contact with the forensic mental health or criminal justice systems. This includes health care provided in the community, hospital and custodial settings. 

The Charter recognises that everyone has different needs and allows you, your family, carers and other people involved in your life to understand your rights and the rights of patients in our care. 

  • I have a right to get health care and treatment.
  • I have a right to safe and good quality care.
  • Health staff are open and honest with me.
  • My private health information will be kept confidential.
  • My privacy will be respected.
  • I can get help to understand health information.
  • Information about my health condition is clear.
  • I am told the benefits and risks of tests and treatments, so I can make a good decision.
  • I am told about health services and how long I will wait.
  • I can access my health information. 
  • I can ask questions about my care.
  • I can talk about my health choices.
  • I tell my story about my health journey.
  • I make decisions about my care.
  • I can include people I want in decisions and plans about my care.
  • I can complain or give feedback without it affecting how I am treated.
  • Health staff will listen to my concerns and deal with it as soon as they can.
  • I can tell health staff about what I think about the health service to make things better. 

Contact Justice Health NSW

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Contact our Families and Carers Consultant:

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Post: PO Box 150, Matraville NSW 2036

Phone: (02) 9700 3000

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