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Justice Health NSW is a dynamic organisation operating in a unique and supportive environment, making it a great place to work. We’re dedicated to caring for those who need it most.

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Why choose us

If you're passionate about delivering healthcare with the greatest impact, then come and join us at Justice Health NSW.

Be part of a supportive environment, where you can apply your skills to tackle complex healthcare needs while broadening your professional practice to maximise patient outcomes. Justice Health NSW is a challenging yet rewarding place to take your career even further.

With industry-leading safety standards, you can focus on doing your best work alongside skilled colleagues while gaining job training to progress your career. Be part of a network of like-minded people who chose healthcare for the same reasons as you.

So, if you want to help those that need it most, then we’ve got just the place.

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What we do 

We deliver health care services in custodial, inpatient and community settings including adult correctional centres, juvenile justice centres, courts, police cells, Long Bay Hospital and the Forensic Hospital statewide service. We're located at over 90 locations across metropolitan, regional and remote NSW.

We provide a variety of clinical specialist health services including mental health, psychiatry, drug and alcohol, adolescent health, Aboriginal health, population health, primary and women’s health, allied health, pharmacy and general practice.

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Incentives to join us

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Financial incentives

We offer financial incentives for certain roles in rural and regional areas as part of the NSW Health Rural Health Workforce Incentive Scheme. You may be eligible to receive: 

  • up to $10,000 each year you stay 

  • up to 5 days per annum of professional development including costs of participation and necessary travel 

  • up to 5 additional days Family and Community Services (FACS) leave per annum 

  • one return economy airfare to Sydney (or your home base) per annum. 

Specific eligibility criteria applies. 

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Salary packaging

Salary packaging is a simple way for you to maximize your take home pay and potentially save on taxes. Our salary packaging options include: 

  • meal entertainment card 

  • living expenses card 

  • novated car leasing 

  • loan and mortgage repayments 

  • rent 

  • credit card payments.

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Additional paid holiday leave

Justice Health NSW offers unique public sector leave options, in addition to 4 weeks annual leave, including: 

  • monthly allocated days off 
  • Family and Community Services (FACS) leave  
  • parental and maternity leave options  
  • minimum four weeks leave (up to additional 3 weeks leave for working weekends and shift work).

Conditions apply to some leave types.  

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Learning and development leave

Learning and development leave is available for employees undertaking tertiary studies at an accredited educational institution.

We also offer leave to attend relevant external activities, such as conferences, seminars, and short courses. 

Fitness Classes
Discounted gym membership

Fitness Passport allows eligible employees and their immediate family members to enjoy a heavily discounted membership.

The program promotes physical wellbeing and encourages our team to lead more active and healthy lifestyles by providing access to different types of fitness activities such as gyms, swimming pools, group fitness classes and more.

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Research opportunities

Justice Health NSW is particularly focused on the health issues of those people that come into contact with the forensic and criminal justice system, in community, inpatient or custodial settings. Our research informs the direction of our organisation in achieving the best possible health care outcomes for our unique patient population.

Learn more about the research we're doing.

Recognition and awards program

Justice Health NSW recognises, encourages and values the positive contribution of staff through the following formal awards: 

  • Employee of the Year 
  • Team of the Year 
  • Innovation Challenges 
  • Quality and Service Awards 
  • Local workplace recognition.   
Justice Health NSW staff awards

A place for everyone

At Justice Health NSW, we aim to create a respectful environment where our staff feel engaged and proud. We know that patient outcomes are maximised when our staff can focus on doing their best working alongside skilled, like-minded people.

We value everyone's contribution and focus on building an environment that is physically and psychologically safe for everyone. This includes people of all ages and genders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, refugees and people with disability.

Safe and healthy workplace

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We're committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all staff. Justice Health NSW has solid systems in place to manage health and safety risks. We continually strive to improve those systems to create a safer work environment, with fewer workplace injuries and illnesses. 

When injuries do occur, we're committed to injury management to support an early and sustainable return to work of injured employees, in accordance with the law. Incidents will be reported to WorkCover NSW in accordance with the relevant legislation. 

Security is a key component of our orientation and training process. We work closely in partnership with Corrective Services NSW and Youth Justice NSW, ensuring custodial staff are present at all times when our staff are treating patients within correctional and Juvenile Justice centres.

In the Forensic Hospital setting, all staff receive intensive training in the prevention and management of violence and aggression. 

Reporting serious wrongdoing

Justice Health NSW encourages staff to report serious wrongdoing. All reports will be assessed, and appropriate action will be taken in response to the report. Under the Public Interest Disclosures Act 2022, staff, witnesses, and other persons will be protected from detrimental action that might arise from reporting that serious wrongdoing.

Serious wrongdoing includes:

  • corrupt conduct
  • serious maladministration
  • a privacy contravention
  • a serious and substantial waste of public money
  • a government information contravention

Reports of serious wrongdoing can be made to a disclosure officer of the relevant health organisation. Please refer to the list of disclosure officers.

Why work at the Forensic Hospital

The Forensic Hospital is a high-secure forensic mental health facility in New South Wales, operated by Justice Health NSW.  This facility provides specialist, therapeutic inpatient care for adults and adolescent forensic, correctional and high-risk civil patients.  

A multidisciplinary team of medical, nursing and allied health professionals are dedicated to providing a care across the clinical spectrum, from high dependency and acute care, to long stay and rehabilitation care.


Forensic hospital building

Professional development

Justice Health NSW is committed to creating a culture of organisational learning and professional development for all staff. We offer a wide range of opportunities to further develop your professional skills, and we are affiliated with some of Australia's leading universities. We offer:

  • access to a variety of learning and development opportunities 
  • career advancement opportunities 
  • long and short term leave coverage 
  • internal secondments, projects and research 
  • statewide employment opportunities across metropolitan, regional and remote NSW and temporary positions.
Justice Health NSW professional development

Ignite - The Pitch

To promote a culture of innovation, we developed the Ignite – The Pitch initiative to empower staff to 'pitch' their innovative idea. Funding is provided to support projects and ideas aimed at improving patient outcomes, meeting our performance indicators, making a positive impact on carers and staff and minimising waste. 


Justice Health Ignite - The Pitch

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