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The Centre for Property Acquisition provides an independent service that helps property owners understand the property acquisition process.

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Some NSW and Australian Government agencies, state-owned corporations and local councils are able to acquire privately owned land for public purposes. These are known as acquiring authorities.

Acquiring authorities are required to comply with the Land Acquisition (Just Terms Compensation) Act 1991.

The Centre for Property Acquisition helps acquiring authorities understand their obligations, comply with NSW guidelines and monitor and report on their performance relating to acquisitions in NSW.

Our principles

We understand that the property acquisition process can be an emotional and stressful experience.

We aim to support residents in a fair and transparent process.

Property acquisition in NSW is driven by 10 guiding principles for property acquisitions.

Review of property acquisition in NSW

The NSW land acquisition framework was reviewed in 2014 and a citizen-focused review of the process took place in 2016.

The outcomes of the reviews provide a fairer, more transparent and equitable land acquisition process for landowners, while improving consistency and accountability of government agencies.

Find out more about the review.

Standards and minimum requirements

The Property Acquisition Standards are the core directions that all acquiring authorities should adhere to.

See the standards and minimum requirements.

Access to information

To promote open, accountable, fair and effective government in NSW, members of the public have a right to access government information. 

The Centre for Property Acquisition will release information without the need for a formal application where possible.  Contact us to begin.

You can formally request information by submitting an access application form. As the Centre for Property Acquisition sits within Transport for NSW, refer to the Transport for NSW website for further information on accessing information under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act).

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For general information about property acquisition in NSW:

How acquisition works

The property acquisition process is designed to be fair, easy to understand and transparent. Find out what to expect at each stage if your property is being acquired.

Valuations and compensation

Find out about how your property will be valued, how to engage your own valuer, and what other types of compensation may be available to you.

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