Electrical safety

Electrical safety saves lives. Every householder in NSW is legally obliged to keep their home safe, including the way electricity is used.

An apprentice electrician

Electrical safety in the home

Property owners are responsible for ensuring electrical wiring work is done by a licensed electrician. 

Common electrical hazards

People in NSW lose their lives every year from electrical accidents. Read the advice on how to avoid electrical hazards in the home and tips on staying safe.

Buying and using electrical appliances

What you need to know if you're buying, installing or using electrical appliances or power tools in your home.

Safety switches protect you

Safety switches cut the electricity supply to protect you from serious electric shock, injury or death and help prevent electrical fires in your home.  

Top tips for electrical safety at home

  • Install safety switches
  • Do not do it yourself – get a professional to do the job
  • Cover unused power points
  • Do not mix electricity and water
  • Do not overload power points and power boards
  • Never use faulty electrical leads or appliances
  • If an appliance such as a toaster or hair dryer is broken, replace it or have it repaired
  • Always check the electrician has a current licence before agreeing to any work

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