Driving and motorcycle riding

How to get your driver or rider learners licence and book a test to get your licence.

A hand on a car steering wheel

Disadvantaged learner drivers - free course

The NSW government offers 1,000 free places on the safer drivers course each year. Check your eligibility.

Driver Licensing Access Program (DLAP)

The DLAP helps Aboriginal people and other disadvantaged communities to get a licence in NSW. Check your eligibility.

Book a driver or motorcycle rider licence test

To get a full driver or rider licence you must pass knowledge and practical tests.

Becoming a driver or rider

A driving test with a young woman and a testing officer in a car

First steps to driving independently

A car key is being given to someone

Once you are a learner driver

Young adult students sit at classroom desks with a woman with a back and holding a notebook standing and smiling

Can't get to school or TAFE on public transport?

If you live in an area where there is limited or no public transport you may be able to get the School Drive Subsidy. The subsidy can reduce the cost of having your own car. 

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