Our ambassadors in action

As part of 2020 Mental Health Month, our Mental Health at Work ambassadors met with NSW Government leaders to discuss solutions to improve workplace mental health.  

Mental Health at Work ambassadors meet with NSW Government leaders
Mental Health at Work ambassadors meet with NSW Government leaders

Our ambassadors met with Minister for Better Regulation and Innovation, Kevin Anderson and Minister for Mental Health, Bronnie Taylor for a roundtable event. The group discussed:

  • the current approaches used by different industries to support mental health
  • barriers faced by businesses
  • strategies to drive change in workplaces, and 
  • support for small businesses to become mentally healthy. 

They also heard from Irene Gallagher, CEO of Being – Mental Health Consumers, who shared her personal story of mental health in the workplace. 

Minister Taylor said it was positive that business leaders from across a range of industries were working together with Government on this important issue.  

“Everyone in the workplace can contribute to a culture where people feel safe and supported to talk about mental health and it’s really encouraging to see so many leaders from NSW’s business sector stepping up,” said Minister Taylor. 

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