Difficulty paying your fine

If you've received a fine or overdue fine notice and are having difficulty paying, there are options available to help you.

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We've made it easier to manage your fines online

You can now add Fines to your MyServiceNSW account. 

Select a topic

Set up a payment plan

If you can't pay your fine in full, you can apply for a payment plan.

Apply for a Work and Development Order

You may be eligible to pay off your fine by doing unpaid work, courses or counselling.

Apply to have your debt written off

You may be eligible to have some or all of your debt written off.

Request a fine reduction

You may be eligible to request a 50 per cent fine reduction.

What happens if you don't pay your fine?

We can take further action to recover your debt.

Support services

Access support for First Nations Peoples, referrals to services offering free financial and legal advice and authorise someone to act on your behalf.

More options


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View a camera image of your offence

See a camera image of your traffic or parking offence.


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Nominate the person responsible

Transfer your fine to the person responsible.


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Request a review

You can dispute your fine if there were special circumstances that led to the offence being committed.

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First Nations support line

Did you know we provide culturally safe services to support First Nations Peoples to get back on track with debt?

Our dedicated First Nations team is available to help.

Cautions for clear driving record

If you've had your driver licence for more than 10 year and have a clear driving record, you may be eligible for a caution for some offences.

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