Driver licence medical assessments go digital

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Medical assessments for NSW driver licences will soon go digital, eliminating the need for motorists to personally submit their assessments before receiving a licence.

The service, developed by HealthLink, means that doctors will be able to submit fitness-to-drive medical assessment forms digitally so that communication from doctor to assessors is instant. As a result, around 400,000 people will no longer have to visit a doctor and then submit their medical assessment by mail or at a service centre.

The new computer communication system links to the information technology systems of more than 15,500 medical organisations across Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific Island nations and Canada.

The NSW Fitness to Drive medical assessment form will be filled out and submitted by medical practitioners using their practice’s software systems to the Roads and Maritime Licence Review Unit immediately for review.

Medical assessments are required for heavy vehicle drivers, elderly drivers and motorists with medical conditions such as epilepsy, sleep disorders and diabetes.

All doctors will have the ability to submit forms electronically by mid-year.

Doctors who do not have a practice software system can still submit forms electronically via the HealthLink portal.

Training to use this new electronic software system will be provided for GPs and other health professionals who provide fitness-to-drive assessments.

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