Escorting inmates in a “Supermax on wheels”

Published: 22 Mar 2017

High-risk and terrorist inmates will be escorted by the Extreme High Security Escort Unit in new, custom-built armoured vehicles.

Dubbed “Supermax on wheels” by Corrective Services NSW (CSNSW), the state-of-the-art prison vehicles are operated by highly-trained officers with specialist weapons and equipment.

The vehicles ensure the community and escorting officers remain safe when inmates of Extreme High Risk or a threat to National Security need to be moved.

Security equipment fitted to the vehicles includes a fitted high-security inmate cell, ballistic protection and satellite communication systems. A range of other features cannot be disclosed for security purposes.

CSNSW Commissioner Peter Severin said high-risk inmates are always in the immediate company of the Extreme High Security Escort Unit staff, who control all movements and interactions. Inmates are searched before leaving the prison and when they return, to ensure community safety and security throughout the journey to and from the centre.

“Extensive security planning and assessment is undertaken before escorting these inmates,” Commissioner Severin said.

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