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Ground-breaking medical cannabis trial gets national support

Published: 14 October 2014
NSW is set to lead trial exploring how cannabis can offer relief to patients suffering debilitating or terminal illnesses.

The trial will be supported by the Commonwealth and other states and territories. NSW Premier Mike Baird welcomed support from other states in establishing this ground-breaking study.

“NSW is playing a leadership role but our historic agreement to work collaboratively on this significant issue means we have a far greater chance of success”, Mr Baird said.

He added, “We look forward to working with the Commonwealth and the other states and territories to develop our understanding of the role medicinal cannabis could play for some seriously ill people.”

In September, the NSW Government formed a Working Group to manage the clinical trials and to drive the Premier’s compassionate care reforms. The group is due to report back on findings from the trial by the end of 2014.

The NSW Working Group is set to look into all relevant issues, including the scope of the clinical trial. They will also consider advice from experts about the most appropriate ways to make safe and effective cannabis-derived products available to seriously ill patients.

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