Interest-free loans for home battery systems

Published: 20 Jun 2019

The NSW Government’s new Empowering Homes Program could help up to 300,000 households save hundreds of dollars on their power bills.

The Empowering Homes Program will offer interest-free loans to eligible NSW home owners to install battery and solar-battery systems.

For households with an income of up to $180,000, interest-free loans of up to $9000 for a battery system or up to $14,000 for a solar-battery system will be available.

A household with a $500 quarterly electricity bill could save up to $285 a year on their bills while repaying the no-interest loan. Savings could increase to over $2000 a year once the loan is repaid.

Once complete, the program will add up to 3000-megawatt hours of storage into the NSW energy system.

Minister for Energy Matt Kean said the loans will support more homeowners to make the transition to cleaner energy and take control of their energy bills.

“I want to deliver a program that provides robust consumer protections in terms of safety, system performance and value for money,” Mr Kean said.

The NSW Government will shortly be seeking delivery partners for the program.

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