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More medics to keep festival goers safe

Published: 22 January 2019
Revellers will see an increased medical presence at music festivals this long weekend, as new harm reduction measures are rolled out.

More critical care doctors, nurses and paramedics will be on the ground at music festivals this weekend.

In addition to more medics on the ground, chill out zones will be available so people can cool down, rehydrate and check in with their friends.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said tragically, there have been five deaths at festivals in six months, with MDMA implicated in all of them. As a result the NSW Government has strengthened emergency manpower and messaging.

“The reality is you are dicing with death with illicit drugs, and even with the best emergency specialists available, there is no guarantee if you overdose that you will survive,” Mr Hazzard said.

Chief Health Officer, Dr Kerry Chant said if you or a friend is confused, dizzy, too hot, vomiting or has a fast heart rate, get to the medical tent fast.

“MDMA alone can be a killer but mixing MDMA with alcohol and other drugs or taking multiple doses of MDMA, increases your risk of serious harm,” Dr Chant said.

“When you take MDMA your body temperature will increase and can cause your organs to shut down. Dancing and hot weather can make this happen more quickly.”

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