New laws for low-range drink drivers

Published: 27 Sep 2018

Drivers who commit a low-range drink driving offence will lose their licence on the spot under new laws that will be introduced by mid 2019.

Under the new laws, any driver who commits a low-range drink driving offence will be fined $561 and lose their licence immediately for three months.

Penalties for first time drug presence offences detected on the roadside via NSW’s mobile drug testing (MDT) program will include a fine and three month licence suspension.

From December 2018 first time mid-range offenders will need to have an alcohol interlock device installed to prove they can separate their drinking from driving. Repeat offenders will face vehicle sanctions, including licence plate confiscation and vehicle impoundment.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight said last year 55 people lost their lives in alcohol related crashes and 81 people died in crashes involving someone with illicit drugs in their system.

“The 0.05 limit has been in place in NSW for almost 38 years. It is about driving home to the community that there are no more excuses,” Mrs Pavey said.

“The message to the community is powerful. Have a Plan B. Because if you drink drive, you will be caught, and you will lose your licence.”

The new laws are a key priority of the Road Safety Plan 2021.

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