New planning system to boost NSW jobs and economy

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Western Sydney will be the big winner from the new planning system with thousands of jobs and new housing boosting the construction sector in NSW.

The new planning system will directly support an additional 6,000 jobs across NSW in the residential construction industry – of which one in three jobs will be in Western Sydney.

The jobs will continue every year for at least the next decade as home building recovers in NSW.

NSW Minister for Planning and Infrastructure Brad Hazzard visited construction workers at The Ponds who were keen to support the new planning system and the 2000 new jobs in Western Sydney.

“The new planning system means jobs, jobs, jobs for skilled tradespeople and better opportunities for young people to be taken on as apprentices and get the benefits that a trade brings.

“Our new planning system will mean more jobs for plumbers, electricians, bricklayers, plasterers and carpenters – 2,000 extra full time new jobs in Western Sydney and all the indirect employment and economic benefits that employment brings.

“Thousands of extra jobs in Western Sydney and throughout NSW adds to the boom in the local economy through wages, spending and investment.

“The property and construction sector creates one in ten jobs in NSW.

According to an independent analysis by the Centre for International Economics (CIE), a new planning system with less red tape, fewer delays and which planned for growth will boost the NSW economy by $2 to $3 billion per year and “have significant employment implications for NSW.”

The CIE report added: “This reflects a movement of employment from other parts of Australia into NSW, as a result of a stronger NSW economy.”

“Additional housing construction could accommodate tradespeople moving from the mining sector and assist in rebalancing the Australian economy.”

Mr Hazzard said that by increasing NSW’s housing supply, the NSW Government would create more jobs for tradies and other construction workers and help ‘mums and dads’ find a new home more easily.

“It’s a win-win outcome. By delivering faster, more streamlined planning decisions and restoring integrity and creating certainty in the process, the NSW Government is creating much needed jobs – many in Western Sydney.

“By boosting supply we’re putting downward pressure on house prices.

“Everyone gets a say, everyone knows the rules and local communities are put front and centre in the planning process.

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