NSW backs pioneer medicinal cannabis industry study

Published: 14 Oct 2019

The NSW Government is investing $3 million into a ground-breaking medicinal cannabis industry study, following the unveiling of a cannabis research facility in regional NSW.

The industry-led study is a collaboration between the NSW and Australian Governments, medicinal cannabis research company Cann Group Ltd, agriculture technology company Aglive, Southern Cross University and the University of Newcastle.

The $10 million project is a critical step in the delivery of therapeutically consistent and safe medicinal cannabis products.

The collaboration will more than triple the number of researchers who are dedicated to ensuring the cannabis plants contain the highest medicinal benefit for patients.

The study will consider all aspects of the medicinal cannabis supply chain, including ideal growing conditions, medicinal compound analysis and supply chain traceability.

NSW Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said the study will also ensure researchers have access to essential industry knowledge and insights.

"It is through this study that the NSW Government will build on its ongoing research into the agronomic parameters for cannabis plants while finding the ideal conditions for producing high quality, year-round, consistent medicinal cannabis products,” Mr Marshall said.

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