NSW school formals and graduations to go-ahead

Published: 13 Sep 2020

New COVID-19 guidelines will allow students to their enjoy end of year celebrations safely, including formals and graduations.


School formals and graduations can take place from Thursday 12 November 2020, the day after the last HSC written exam.

Under the guidelines, schools are being asked to:

  • reduce mingling and attendance where possible
  • hold dancefloors outside or in well-ventilated areas
  • only allow dancing with partners from outside the school community if partners are from the same local community and have an established relationship and normally socialises with the student cohort 
  • ensure the capacity of the event does not exceed four square metres for each guest
  • restrict tables to 10 people
  • ask students to bring their own pens for yearbook signing
  • follow and promote good hand hygiene practices.

The guidelines also suggest mingling before and after events should be avoided, private transport options considered and existing restrictions on catering need to be followed. 

Minister for Education Sarah Mitchell said it was important to reduce disruption to the final exams and it was great students could still celebrate once the exams had concluded.

“With less than six weeks to the start of the HSC exams, students can focus on their final studies knowing that there will be official opportunities to celebrate their schooling,” Ms Mitchell said. 

“Students should restrict the number of guests they bring to graduation events, and schools are encouraged to live-stream these ceremonies for anyone not able to attend.” 

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