Pharmacists target chronic pain sufferers

Published: 27 Sep 2016

Pharmacists will target chronic pain sufferers through new prescription repeat folders that feature the Pain Management Network website.

Chronic pain affects 1 in 5 Australians, reducing the capacity of sufferers to fully engage with all aspects of their daily life.

“The toll it takes on the individual can be enormous and the burden it places on the health system is great,” Mrs Skinner said.

Mrs Skinner said community pharmacies have an important role to play in supporting people living with chronic pain by providing access to quality use of medicines, professional advice and early intervention services.

“Those folders - 1.7 million of them - provide a unique opportunity to send the pain management message into homes across NSW - and not just any homes but those in which we know there is someone living in pain,” Mrs Skinner said.

When pharmacists fill a prescription related to chronic pain they place any repeats in the new folders, which customers take away. This way customers can see the website clearly printed on the folder.

The website offers support to people with chronic pain and offers practical advice and resources to manage pain and prevent its escalation.

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), which is one of the six pillars of NSW Health, developed the website.

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