Automated events

Use this component to showcase upcoming events on landing pages. Automated events will display events with their titles, images and dates in a scrolling carousel. 

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Before you start

Automated events can only be added to landing pages, not standard pages.

Check the Tags that have been applied to the events that you want to display in your Automated events. You need at least 4 events with the same tag for the Automated events component to display.

The Automated events component won't display if there are fewer than 4 events that include the tags you have selected. 

Automated events has a layout designed for a images to show with the events. For an image to display, you'll need to have a media item attached to your event. 

Using Automated events


  • Use Automated events as a visual feature on landing pages.
  • Continue to monitor that the correct events are being populated over time.
  • Use appropriate images in events that will feature in the Automated events component. 


  • Add Automated events to a page if you're not regularly publishing lots of events. The component will stop displaying if there aren't at least 4 events. 

How to add Automated events to your landing page

Go to:

  1. The Layout screen and click Add block.
  2. Select + Create custom block and click on Automated events. The Configure block screen will open.
  3. Select how you want your events to be filtered – by Topic, by Agency or both. When you start typing in 1 of the fields, a dropdown of options will appear for you to select from. These filter options come from the Tag fields in the events template. How you have tagged your individual events will provide the tags that are available for you to use in the Automated events component.
  4. Click the Add block button. 

An H2 heading titled 'Upcoming events' will automatically be shown above your Automated events component. 

How the component displays

Live example

See a live example of how the Automated events component displays. 


A woman stands in front of a light show projected onto the Museum of Contemporary Art at the Rocks for Vivid Sydney.

The Visiting and exploring NSW landing page shows the Automated events component underneath the Upcoming events heading.

Examples of the component

See how the Automated latest news component displays on the page with different variations: 

Topic field variation

The topic 'Arts and culture' has been selected.

Agency field variation

The agency 'NSW Department of Customer Service' has been selected.

Agency and topic field variation

The following tags have been applied:

  • The agency 'Department of Customer Service' has been selected.
  • The topic 'Visiting and exploring NSW' has been selected.
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