Sections and blocks

To build your landing page you need to add a section to your page that will allow you to add various content blocks and other page elements.

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Adding a section

To build up your page with content and elements you first need to add a Section container. This is how you add your content to the page using various CMS components like WYSIWYG editors, Card blocks, Icon blocks and Features.

1. When viewing your page, select Pre Published Draft > Layout.

2. Select the button to Add section.

3. Select a preferred column layout, for example Full, Halves, Thirds, from the list for your new section. The section you add will be determined by the content you wish to display and the components you wish to use. Where it refers to ‘large gutter’, this is a large white space on the page between columns in a section.



4. Configure section 

Administrative label (optional): Give your new section a name (such as ‘body content’, 'card block', ‘introduction’).

Style (optional): Leave the Style as – Select – to keep the section white. Choose the visual style for the section based on the overall design of the page page and the purpose of the content. The other colour options are:

  • Grey background
  • Brand dark
  • Brand light
  • Brand supplementary.

Click Add section.


Adding a block

Now that you have a new section container, you can now add Blocks to add content and elements to the page.

1. Within your new section, click Add block.


2. Click + Create custom block to choose your block from the list.

Components for basic landing pages

ComponentRequiredHow to use this component
Hero bannerMandatoryHow to add a hero banner.
CalloutOptionalWhen and where to use callouts
CardsOptional Using cards.
Icon blocks including text blocks and image blocksOptionalLearn more about icon, text and image blocks
Feature blockOptionalHow to use the feature block.
WYSIWYG editorOptionalLearn about the WYSIWYG editor.


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