Supporting Aboriginal students to attain the HSC

Aboriginal Learning and Engagement Centres are helping to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal students.



Working towards Aboriginal students attaining their final school qualifications at the same rate as non-Aboriginal students is an important part of fostering equality of opportunity for Aboriginal people and is a NSW Premier's Priority.

Community collaboration

To improve education outcomes and the wellbeing of Aboriginal students requires a collective approach. In schools, culture and language need to be embedded within the student’s learning areas. Collaboration with the local community, parents and carers is also vital and is viewed as a driving force behind a student’s decision to continue with their learning.

Aboriginal Learning and Engagement Centres have been co-designed with the NSW Coalition of Aboriginal Peak Organisations (NSW CAPO) to meet these needs. The program strives to support students in year 9 and above by improving student engagement, attendance, retention and HSC attainment. Support for students at key transition points during their schooling years in critical.

Individualised learning

The centres provide personalised support for the individual academic, cultural and wellbeing needs of each student. It is hoped that providing all these important factors will improve the educational outcomes and wellbeing of Aboriginal students, so that they excel and achieve in every aspect of their education.

Aboriginal Learning and Engagement Centres have been set up across a number of schools in NSW. Positions are advertised through the NSW Department of Education Staff Noticeboard and at the local level. 


Increasing the proportion of Aboriginal students attaining their HSC by 50 percent means that 1000 additional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students will attain their HSC by 2023, while maintaining cultural identity. 


"The Aboriginal Learning and Engagement Centre, over the past few years have helped me define my identity, making me proud to be Aboriginal."

– NSW student

"Centre has been able to support me with assessments and show an understanding in students’ lives and the importance of their education. They have helped me to gain a better understanding and connection to my culture. "

– NSW student

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