Finding the meaning of home through art

A community arts project at the Art Gallery of NSW is exploring the experiences of what a home is.



A home is somewhere people can call their own. The way they live in it and the memories they create is what makes it unique to them. For many, there are shifting, varied and often complicated meanings of what a home is.

Exploring the meaning of home

To celebrate the impending opening of the Art Gallery of New South Wales’ expanded building in December 2022, artists Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan have created an impressively scaled cardboard sculpture that explores their experience of what a home is, following their migration from the Philippines to Australia.

Art as a community project

The Aquilizan's are inspired by the power of collective action, creating spaces where people can come together through art. In a project titled Making it Home, the Art Gallery held a series of workshops between April and September 2022. Selected schools, community groups and visitors created their own cardboard ‘dream homes.’ Some of these became part of the Aquilizan's sculpture and its new speculative neighbourhood of homes.

Power of collective action Making it Home is on display at the Art Gallery until January 2023. This project has become a reality due to the power of collective action to create spaces where people can come together through art. For more information, visit The Aquilizan Studio: Making it Home.

"It was my first time attending a program in an art gallery. It was very eye-opening and I learnt so much about what goes into making art."

–  Student, age 15    

"I think art galleries can attract more people our age by having group activities, like today, that encourage learning and seeing exhibitions."

– Student, age 15  

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