Taking housing assistance to the street

The Homelessness Outreach Support Team (HOST) helps people experiencing homelessness find temporary accommodation and supports them toward more permanent housing.



Having a stable home is out of reach for too many people. Supporting people to live safer, more stable and happier lives is the best way to prevent and start the journey out of homelessness.

Supporting people into permanent accommodation

As part of the Assertive Outreach Program, the Homelessness Outreach Support Team (HOST) helps those sleeping rough into temporary accommodation and supports them on the journey to more permanent accommodation options.

Working in close partnership with homelessness service providers, health services and local councils, HOST uses HOMES (the housing data system) to access real-time information to break the homelessness cycle, whilst working with each person at their own pace, to provide support and assistance. An Assertive Outreach app ‘Journey on Home’ was developed to support the delivery of services to people who are experiencing street homelessness. The app allows for a streamlined approach that improves service delivery while on assertive outreach, and seamless data reporting.

Since the program was established in 2017 in the Sydney, South East Sydney and North Sydney district (SSESNS), Assertive Outreach Services have now been set up in Tweed Heads and Newcastle. Find out more about the Assertive Outreach Program.

“I now feel that I have safety and security. I am much more positive about life today and tomorrow and the future is looking bright.”

– Michael

“I’m really proud of my new house and I take a lot of pride in the upkeep of it.”

– Pieter

  • More than 1110 people in the inner city of Sydney have been assisted into long-term permanent housing with wrap around support since 2017.
  • More than 78% of assisted people have sustained their tenancies since 2017.
  • According to Street Count results in February 2022, there was a 19.2% reduction in the number of people sleeping rough in the SSESNS district, compared to last year.




Assertive outreach

Assertive outreach is an evidence-based practice to combat street homelessness.

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